Electricity At Work Regulations


Designed to give an understanding of the regulations to people who have a responsibility to apply, supervise or manage work on or around electrical systems. An electrical background is not required for this programme however a grasp of basic electrical principles will help.

Course content

  • Relationship with related regulations and legislation
  • Scope
  • Competence
  • Hazard assessment
  • Live working
  • Electrical supply systems
  • Protection from overcurrent
  • CPC and Earthing requirements
  • Protection From Electric Shock
  • Isolation and switching
  • Inspection and testing requirements ( Not Practical )
  • Documentation and Certification
  • Duties of personnel.
  • Course duration

    1 day
    Handbooks, Pens & Exercise sheets will be provided.


    A short multi choice paper will be completed.


    Flexi Tech certificate of knowledge and understanding will be awarded on successful completion.