Hazardous Areas

We have now taken over and acquired the rights to the training courses previously offered by Hexagon Technology Limited. These courses make use of the training material and presentations for which Robin Garside was well known. The following is an example of the type of programme available.

DSEAR & Hazardous Area Equipment
DSEAR Maintenance

This synopsis is the basis for the above courses but the emphasis will differ.


For electrical (including ICA) and mechanical craftsmen and technicians

Course Objectives

To ensure delegates have a sound practical understanding of the requirements for working in hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres) and for working on hazardous area equipment. On completion of the course, delegates will be competent to complete defined tasks competently in day to day situations e.g. Inspecting, Maintaining and Replacing Hazardous area equipment ‘like for like’.

  • Basics: fires and explosions, hazards, sources of ignition.
  • Hazardous area fundamentals: Groups, Zones, Temperature Classes.
  • Equipment labelling and marking: understanding marking code and certificate type including X-conditions.
  • Explanation of ATEX Equipment Directive including equipment categories.
  • Technical standards for electrical and non-electrical equipment and standards for the user and installer. (IEC/CENELEC etc).
  • Explanation of Safety Directive and implications of DSEAR including hazardous area marking and selection of equipment.
  • Types of protection for electrical equipment, concentrating on ‘d’,’e’,’n’ and ‘i’ and including applications of these types of protection and applicable zones of use.
  • The importance of associated apparatus: zener barriers and galvanic isolators for intrinsic safety.
  • Intrinsic Safety systems approach: simple and non-simple apparatus.
  • Installation criteria: cables and their mechanical protection, cable glands and entries.
  • Earthing and bonding requirements: including earthing of SWA and cable screens.
  • Inspection and maintenance of hazardous area electrical apparatus and requirements for insulation testing and earth loop testing (intrinsically safe circuits).
  • Course duration

    2 days
    Handbooks, Pens & Exercise sheets will be provided.


    Comprising a written multiple choice question paper and continual assessment throughout the course.


    A Certificate of Competence (Assessed Course Certificate) will be awarded to those delegates who achieve satisfactory marks in the assessment and have demonstrated a satisfactory understanding of the topics covered during the practical sessions.

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